Meet your new global SMS platform

Send and receive SMS via our global network. With two-way local options for over 156 countries, advanced scaling technology and direct connections; you can send with confidence.
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Reliability, Speed and Capacity, Global Service and Quality of Service

With over 16 years’ experience in delivering SMS; reliability, quality, speed and capacity are just some of the words our customer use to describe us. With a current platform uptime of 100% and a 99.95% SLA, businesses can rely on Comapi to truly deliver a high-quality service. We have access to all global networks and are not tied to specific providers meaning we can intelligently route messages to the highest quality networks ensuring your messages are always received.

Filtering & Tracking

By using Comapi’s ‘historical’ or the ‘live’ filtering services you can automatically filter out mobile numbers that are not live, so you only pay for SMS that are delivered.
Comapi’s tracking service shortens a URL to make it more character friendly. You can track, who, how many, when and how quickly your customers are engaging with your SMS You can even post a live event to your system based on a click-through.
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Localiser & Stitching

With a vast pool of numbers and local inbound shortcodes we ensure your messages are sent from local numbers. This ensures your customers can receive and reply to SMS at local rates. This means no increased charges from receiving or sending from international numbers.
If your message is sent from a pool number, that number is then ‘stitched’ to the customer and will be used for all future SMS communications - keeping the individual user experience consistent.


An SMS has no value unless your customer actually receives it, i.e. it has not simply been delivered to the network . We report real time on every message, by confirming the message receipt status. Submitting an SMS doesn’t necessarily mean your customer receives it. Comapi’s reporting allows you to differentiate between the two.
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Learn how easy it is to send an SMS via a Rest API call


Branded SMS

Send an SMS from your brand name so your recipients know who the text is from.


Flexible APIs

Use Comapi’s multi-channel “One” API, REST API, or legacy SOAP API.


Any Message, any size

Long message, Unicode and GSM supported SMS.



All messages stored for minimum 13 months or more for industry compliance.


Short code and Long numbers

Outbound and inbound options for 156 supported countries.


SMPP support

Carrier grade SMPP connections, create your own virtual SMSC.


Where would you like to send messages to?


Contact us

As you can see, we are happy to talk, so give us a shout if you have any questions. If you want to chat to us and you’re offline, text to +447860034444 and we can chat via SMS.