Inside the Inbox

Inbox is a complete platform for communicating with customers who use your mobile and native Apps; it gives you the power to send rich HTML content and push notifications straight to your App users. Comapi’s Inbox API and campaign tools mean you can keep your mobile audience engaged, and with read rates of over 40%, Inbox will help transition your communication strategy from just email to a truly mobile first experience.
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How Inbox helps our customers

Inbox makes it easy to send messages and notifications to you mobile and web app customers. It’s also a great way to start understanding your mobile and web audience. Like managing existing email and SMS solutions, Comapi Inbox uses a familiar format to help create campaigns, design lifecycle programs and report on your most important success criteria.

One platform all applications

Inbox is available on iOS, Android and Javascript, so you can integrate Inbox into any native or web application. Synchronisation means that if you have the SDKs installed in multiple apps, any message, or state of the message, will be synchronised across all your applications.
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Creating a single customer identity

When you deploy the Inbox SDKs in your applications, Inbox will let you understand who has what device, which application and when they use it. You can also pass additional properties into the profile to help stitch it to an internal system ID. Creating a single customer identity across all application and devices.

Triggers, Automation, Campaigns

A full set of campaign and lifecycle automation tools, working in tandem with triggering options, provides a solution for your customer notification and messaging requirements. Analytics help you learn how effective your communications are and if your app is being used or not.
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Works with our existing systems

Integration APIs allow you to send notifications and rich HTML into the Inbox SDKs using any common ID (like email address or phone number). This means you can send from either your existing solution, from Comapi’s tools, or both. Anything that happens on the Inbox platform can be sent to you real-time via webhooks so you can control all of your data.


Send push and rich HTML messages to your Apps and website audience to drive the best engagement.


Social Sharing

Allow customers to share your messages to help spread the word on social media.


Campaign Tool

Powerful campaign tool for sending notifications and HTML messages with ease.



Useful analytics that tell you how engaged your audience is and how effective your communications are, simple!


Message Builder

Simple to use HTML builder for rich messages means you can build from scratch or drop in raw HTML.



When a customer opens your app or website Comapi passes back profile data to enrich what you know about your customers.

Contact us

As you can see, we are happy to talk, so give us a shout if you have any questions. If you want to chat to us and you’re offline, text to +447860034444 and we can chat via SMS.