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With 1.2 billion people using Messenger every month sending over 2 billion Facebook messages between people and businesses it’s important to consider making it part of your customer communication. The growth of messaging apps like Facebook Messenger has created a great opportunity for companies to message their consumers on their preferred social network. You can now send messages into Facebook Messenger via the Comapi platform. With Twitter, Skype, Apple Business Messaging and WhatsApp coming soon, you’ll have everything covered.
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What do you need to have

It’s simpler than you think! A company Facebook page and that’s it.
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configuration of messenger on comapi portal

Connecting to Messenger

You can start using Messenger by simply setting up a new channel within your Comapi portal. Choose Messenger, press the “integrate now” button and log in to your Facebook account (as long as you are the administrator). Once you have logged in, the channel is then available to use. Simple.

What content can I send?

Comapi supports the following message content types for Messenger; text, image, audio and video. If you are using rules in ‘Comapi Branch’ to send an SMS when you can’t send via Messenger, you can choose to send extra content.
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Configuring the Facebook Messenger channel and sending notifications via the Comapi One API

This extended developer guide covers the configuration of Facebook Messenger as a channel within a Comapi account and how to make API calls to send messages and notifications

How to send a message to Facebook Messenger via API

This developer guide walks you through how to make an API call to send messages and notifications to your customers Facebook Messenger app

Messaging options

Comapi give you 3 different ways to send messages to a customer with Facebook Messenger

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Option 1:

Phone number

During the configuration of your Facebook app you can choose the phone number matching option. If you enable this, you can send messages to Messenger using a phone number – just like SMS.

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Option 2:

Someone sends you a message

If another user on Facebook sends you a message, you will receive a message along with a Facebook Messenger ID. You can use the ID to send messages to Facebook via Comapi.

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Option 3:

Message me button

The Facebook Messenger ‘Message me’ plug-in is integrated into your website as a simple button. When a user clicks on the button, you are passed the Facebook ID of that user, at which point you can use that ID to send a message to them via Comapi.



Facebook Messenger is supported in Comapi Chat, meaning you can have live conversations with multiple customers from one place.



Use the Messenger Plug-in to allow simple customer opt-in and start notifying them by Messenger.



Segment, select your audience, schedule campaigns and send content to Messenger with Comapi Broadcast.



Capture customer Facebook profile information when they message your Facebook page.



Choose the Messenger option that’s right for your business. With 3 to choose from you’ll be engaging with customers in no time.



Synchronise customer profile data with your CRM system to enhance what you know about prospects and customers.

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