Chat across any channel

We understand that your customers want to message you on the channels they want, at a time that suits them. Comapi Chat lets you have conversations with customers on Facebook, Web Chat, SMS, Email and In-app chat ensuring you deliver a great customer experience every time. With Twitter, Skype, Apple Business Messaging and WhatsApp coming soon, you’ll have everything covered.
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Respond with the right team

Creating multiple response teams in Comapi Chat is a great way of letting customers choose the right conversation to have with you. Having a team dedicated to sales enquiries, a team for customer questions and even a VIP team means you can respond faster, boost conversion rates and delight your customers with every chat.

Every new chat will automatically get assigned to the right team, helping to reduce response time and increase productivity.
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Comapi’s extra good stuff

A few extra reasons why Comapi Chat can really help your business.
Start outbound conversations across any channel – it’s not all about inbound.
Link all customer conversations to one primary profile to give you a complete view of messages across all channels for each customer.
No need for a separate API for each messaging channel, we deliver everything in one place using Comapi’s one api for customer conversations, notifications and alerts.
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Easy set-up

Get chatting to your customers in seconds with quick set-up & easy deployment.



Set-up teams to deal with specific questions to speed up responses and boost conversions.


Unlimited Agents

Give Chat access to unlimited users at no extra cost.


Multiple channels

Chat with customers on Facebook, Twitter, SMS, email and In-App.


Free customisable Chat Widget

Customise the colour and agent profile picture of your Chat Widget to fit your company style.


CRM integration

Update customer profiles to and from your CRM in real-time with the Comapi One API

Contact us

As you can see, we are happy to talk, so give us a shout if you have any questions. If you want to chat to us and you’re offline, text to +447860034444 and we can chat via SMS.