Pick your customer’s favourite channel

Life is easier with Comapi Broadcast. Choose the channel you want to send to and get going. Comapi Broadcast supports Facebook Messenger, Web chat (you haven’t seen that before!), SMS and to your own App. Comapi Broadcast comes as standard with all our plans and with Email, Twitter, Skype, Apple Business Messenger and WhatsApp coming soon, you’ll soon be messaging your customers the way they want you to.
channels picking by machine
canvas with message

Compose your message

Whether it’s a marketing message or and order update, every word counts! Personalise and add channel specific content like images and gifs to maximise impact. Comapi Broadcast lets customers respond to start a conversation with your team helping you drive immediate action and customer engagement.

Target customers that count

Segment your customers and send targeted messages on the channel of your choice. With Comapi your customers profile will update with every inbound or outbound message giving you the power to build campaigns using the most relevant data… I make that 20 second so far!
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Timed to perfection, awesome results

Create, save, edit, test, schedule and send campaigns at the right time with Comapi Broadcast. Check and review campaign success against KPIs with reports and analytics to check you are getting the ROI you need.


Schedule one off campaigns or set them to repeat daily, weekly or monthly saving time and giving you control.


Multiple channels

Send campaigns to SMS, Facebook Messenger, or App and Website users all from one platform.



Test, re-test and test again, Comapi Broadcast makes it simple to get your campaigns just right and ready to go.


Target & Segment

Build targeted campaigns by segmenting your data using Broadcast’s powerful profile tools.



Hi {fist name}, make your campaigns personalised and meaningful.


Opt Outs

Manage customer preferences in real time and automatically.

Contact us

As you can see, we are happy to talk, so give us a shout if you have any questions. If you want to chat to us and you’re offline, text to +447860034444 and we can chat via SMS.