Branch out and make multichannel messaging easy

The world of messaging is constantly evolving; Email and SMS has been joined by Social Messaging Apps and Live Chat as customers preferred channels of engaging with the companies they love. Comapi’s Branch gives you access to these channels so you can configure and route messages to your preferred messaging channels. It’s intelligent too so you can set rules to prioritise channels and set fall-back routes if you can’t reach your audience by their preferred channel.
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Maximise returns

By prioritising more cost effective channels first you can reduce costs on your existing messaging channels. Branch is a communication Hub, able to integrate with any messaging channel. As messaging apps open-up to enterprises, you will have instant access to them.

Future proof

Comapi helps you future proof your customer communication strategy by giving you access to new messaging channels as soon as they become available. Once we’ve launched them you’ll be able to add them to your Branch rules to maximise message delivery to your audience. Take a look at our future channels page to see what we’re working on right now.
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Improve delivery rates

Prioritise and automated multiple fall-back channels to maximise delivery of messages

Drive loyalty

Communicate and talk to your customers in the messaging applications they love. Chat to your customers like you chat to your friends.


Reduce Effort

No more expensive development programs to access new communication channels. As new channels become available you will instantly be able to use them through Branch.


Flexible set-up

Set your rules in the Comapi portal or within your API call, whatever works best for you.



Branch allows you to send the most optimised content to each channel; you can program the “One” API to automatically send the right content to the right messaging channel.



Define simple rules and tactics to suit your audience. E.g. send a message via my app first; if not available, send via Messenger; if that’s not available, send via SMS. Your message will always get through.


Available channels

Pre-integrated channels like SMS, Facebook Messenger, Email and App Messaging means that with a click of a button start communicating with your customers.

Contact us

As you can see, we are happy to talk, so give us a shout if you have any questions. If you want to chat to us and you’re offline, text to +447860034444 and we can chat via SMS.