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Use messaging to scale your business with Comapi’s simple API. Whether you want to send 1 or 1 million messages via SMS, Facebook Messenger or new channels like Apple business chat and twitter, you just need 1 simple API call. We keep you up to date on the status of your messaging with real time web hooks so you are always informed and in control. Forget about having to develop new channels, we do it for you. Integrate once for all channels and let us help you stay ahead of your competition.
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REST Interface

Integrate quickly and easily using simple REST web services with JSON


One API for all channels

Use our simple API to send messages to all channels with ease


Granular permissions

Embrace least privilege security principles ensuring your systems can only use the functions they need to


Channel specific content

Send different content to individual channels, so you can fully exploit the features of the channel to maximise message impact and engagement


Future proof

The potential to add support for new channels without needing to update your integration code


Simple configuration

Intuitive UI makes it quick and easy to configure channels and services, as well as check analytics to monitor performance

“One API”

The only multichannel messaging API you will need

Send messages using the Comapi “One” API to any messaging channel from one flexible REST interface. Use the content JSON object to define any channel specific content you want to send.

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  "body": "Sending via Facebook Messenger is easy with Comapi",
  "to": {
    "profileId": "HappyCustomer"
  "channelOptions": {
    "fbMessenger": {}
  "rules": [ "fbMessenger" ]
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Create your own messaging products

All of our tools are built on an open set of API’s so every function or messaging channel we provide can be accessed by you to build into your own application. From developing a simple messaging application to creating your own live chat or marketing solution, use Comapi to give your products and services the communication channels that are making business’s successful in today’s mobile first economy.


Comapi can forward you events in real-time to a web page of your choosing so that you integrate your own systems, for processing or analytics. You can choose what events you are interested in, so you only receive the information you want and need.
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Dedicated platforms built for you

Some enterprise customers or partners have a requirement for dedicated architecture due to messaging content, industry sector legislation or geographical location. In those cases, Comapi can provide a managed instance of our platform, on an enterprise’s own network, giving complete control over data and information security.

Contact us

As you can see, we are happy to talk, so give us a shout if you have any questions. If you want to chat to us and you’re offline, text to +447860034444 and we can chat via SMS.