Validate, Send, Verify

Ensure customer details are accurate and protect yourself from fraud. Call our API from your website or app, it couldn't be simpler. Leverage the capturing of a mobile number to help provide a single customer view across all your applications

Simple and fast

Adding Verify to your app couldn't be easier; so you can be up and running with addtional trust instantly built into your app with minimal effort

  • Easy implementation via our REST interface, get going in half a sprint
  • Expect >90% conversion rates on Verifications
  • Uses Dynmark's platform for fast messaging across the globe

Protection for you

Adding an extra layer of trust with Verify means you can always rely on your messages getting to the intended user, every time

  • Verify users at sign up to prevent risky registrations
  • Securely authenticate user for high value transactions or account changes
  • Connect users with single customer view via the mobile number

Improved User Experience

Verification that is easy to use in every format, whether it's web, mobile or in-app you can create a seamless experience across your digital estate

  • Implement Verify within all your mobile and web apps
  • Simple process which adds benefit to both you and user
  • Your customers get value from your communications via Verified mobile numbers

Verify process

verify of comapi

Trust Verify for user identity

Test drive Verify

Enter your number and see Verify in action

This demo is only available in the UK

Now try it for yourself

Call the Verify API from your own app

curl -X POST -H "Content-Type: application/json" 
-user #USER#:#PASSWORD# 
-d '{
    "from": "Test",
    "to": "447979080215"


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