Click & collect customers’ options to extend their window of collection via SMS, achieves response rates exceeding 40%


78% of click & collect parcels, previously uncollected, were subsequently picked up, with only 22% being returned and monies refunded


Reduction in staffing effort, as a result of a more informed customer. Time saved is largely unquantifiable but is seen as significant


For unsuccessful home deliveries, 42% of customers, requested parcel redelivery

Business requirement

The British retailing giant, House of Fraser, have traded since 1849. From a Drapery Shop in Victorian Glasgow, House of Fraser has become the leading, national premium department store group in the UK and Ireland with 60 high street stores and its constantly growing web-store,, contributing 20% to the groups turnover. House of Fraser has won multiple awards for its fully transactional website with key components of its online offering, being the home delivery and buy & collect services, where customers can order until midnight for a free next day service.

To support this growing business and add value to its overall customer experience, the online division, had specific goals and objectives with respect to communicating with its wide and diverse user base

Business objectives

  • Define a primary mobile focussed communication channel that has immediacy and wide reach into a diverse user base. SMS, being universally accepted and accessible to all mobile phone users was the obvious choice
  • Provide a clear and structured user SMS journey, post-sale, confirming purchase, and clearly defining the process for collection or delivery, to keep customers informed to build trust and enforce brand values
  • Work with a messaging platform that had the flexibility to accommodate multiple data input sources for both two way operational and marketing messaging across multiple facets of the House of Fraser organisation
  • Reduce costs and logistical effort, when customers fail to collect in store
  • Reduce home delivery return rates and customer refunds
  • Actively promote, in store and online brand events to House of Fraser Recognition and Store Card holders, to drive engagement
Solution delivery

Solution delivery

1.Post sale journey messages associated with the online Buy & Collect service are driven from direct feeds from House of Fraser’s, bespoke, order fulfilment platform. These calls are handled through the secure Comapi HTTPS messaging API route in real-time

2.On failure to collect in store, customers are messaged and offered the option to extend their collection period via SMS. Messages are triggered via semi-automated FTP data file drops and scheduled daily. A fast reply service is provided, with customers being prompted to reply “KEEP” to a short code number. Inbound responses are monitored and stores updated

3.Failed home deliveries parcels are returned to the distribution centre. On rebooking to inventory, a daily data list is generated with distribution staff deploying daily scheduled messages on a “one to one” basis, offering alternative delivery slots

4.Bulk marketing communications to Recognition and store card holders are deployed via Comapi’s managed services team. The team is briefed and campaigns scheduled to strict timelines on a weekly basis, in line with House of Frasers event strategy

Functionality Overview

Dependable SMS platform delivering mission critical, high volume messaging with tier one, outbound network coverage

Inbound response mechanism provided on short code for operational responses and marketing opt out

Seamless integration into multiple systems

API calls using the client’s choice of HTTP batch and single submission

Semi-automatic data transfer via FTP for alternative triggering of outbound messages with Manual use of SaaS tool for “low volume” bespoke communications

Full managed services provided by the Comapi team to support marketing requirements

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