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How do I access Campaign Manager

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How to Access Donky (Inbox)

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How to access the legacy Dynmark portal

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How do I access Message Manager

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What is a Comapi API space

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Existing API users

What our Clients love in our solutions

"Comapi offer the right mix of global coverage, market leading products and personal service. From our experience, Comapi work a lot closer with us than other suppliers, to ensure our services are compliant and fit for market purpose."
"Comapi are the most supportive provider we’ve worked with. Historically, we worked with multiple SMS providers but our trust in Comapi saw us pool all opportunities through them. We’ve not looked back since!"
"We need to react quickly to consumer demands and changing product lines; Comapi’s Agency Team allows us to manage our mobile communications quickly and effectively. Their ‘can do’ attitude gives us the confidence to focus on our business objectives."