Messaging your way

App Messaging allows you to build secure messaging and chat services into your native and web applications. Use App Messaging for P2P chat, B2C chat or A2P messaging for alerts reminders and notifications. Create user profiles, start conversations and send any type of message. We have done the heavy lifting for you, so you don’t carry the cost of development or platform support

Main components

Create Profiles

Comapi automatically creates a profile for each individual user allowing you to pass profile and user information/data to the platform. Profile information can then be used by other Comapi services to segment and target users. You can also add, update and ‘get’ the profile's information using the API
comapi profiles
comapi conversations

Start Conversations

Conversations are like subscriptions to a channel. You can start a conversation with one user, groups of users or any defined target. You can then use permissions to set access rights and manage conversations. Conversations are stored on our platform, enabling synchronisation across any of a customer’s devices. This provides a continuous customer experience within your application. You have total control over how you want your conversations to be managed

Send Messages

Send any type of message. Comapi supports all usual formats (text, image, video, html). Messages can also be any other mimetype, data payload or native operating system services such as location
type of messages comapi

Sync & Store

Messages associated with users are encrypted and stored indefinitely. When a user accesses the application on additional devices, messages are synchronised allowing a seamless messaging experience



Our SDKs for Android, iOS and JavaScript allow you to drop messaging into your applications. SDKs incorporate all required logic. Just add your own UI or use our example app source code available on GitHub



Add web and native push notifications, Comapi provides complete push notification support for APNS (native and Safari) and FCM (Android and Chrome)


Real time reporting to help you understand your audience. Reporting includes total users over time, no. of active users, no. of messages sent & no. of messages read. For deeper analytics configure a web hook to get real time updates into your own BI tools

No pain, all gain


As with all Comapi services everything can be accessed through simple REST based APIs. Hook up your existing systems to send and receive messages. Get profile information or any other data asset Comapi stores against a user. For even easier access use Comapi’s webhooks to easily link messaging into support desks, Bot A.I. or other communication platforms

Scalable secure global platform

Comapi is completely cloud based so scales up as you grow. Access to your API space (your own space on the Comapi platform) is over HTTPs running TLS 2048 bit encryption. Comapi has a huge capacity enabling it to continue to process messages real time as it scales

phone idea

Development time and roadmap

No need to find budget to develop your own messaging platform or manage a development process to build and test your own service: you get everything you need out of the “Comapi box”. We are always looking at future technology to make sure we can continually deliver on your future roadmap requirements


With 100’s of applications under our belt our support team has the knowledge to help you implement and deploy messaging into your application. We can even provide a fully managed service to help manage the project, including access right up to our CTO if you need it. We don’t succeed unless you do!

Dedicated platfoms built for you

Some enterprises or partners will want additional layers of separation. You may also have a requirement for your own dedicated architecture due to messaging content, industry sector legislation or geographical location. In those cases, Comapi can provide a completely managed dedicated instance of the platform. All components of the platform will be dedicated. For partners, there is an option to white label/customise the interface!

Read the docs to start building...


Core capabilities



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Real time

Quick responses



Secured messaging


Web hooks

Own event based web communication


Roles / Privileges

Customisable access



Delivery statistics


Simple as that

Pay monthly for Active Users only

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Experience COMAPI!

Welcome to the Comapi “Experience It” programme. The programme is built to demonstrate Comapi’s messaging channels and services in a ‘real-time’ setting. Our friendly Comapi-Bot (M0rsy) will guide you through each part of the ‘Experience It’ programme. You will learn about and experience SMS, Notifications (web & native), In-App Inbox, App Messaging, 2-Factor Verification and messaging into Facebook Messenger. We will be using our APIs, chat tools and user interface to interact with you throughout the programme. We hope this helps you understand how you can use our services.

Contact us

As you can see, we are happy to talk, so give us a shout if you have any questions. If you want to chat to us and you’re offline, text to +447860034444 and we can chat via SMS.