Who we are

Comapi was created by combining 2 leading messaging and in-app engagement platforms (Dynmark and Donky) to create 1 communication platform. We have spent 15 years providing companies and partners with solutions to send and receive global SMS; more recently extending those services, sending notifications and rich messages into an app inbox with Donky. Comapi takes it a step further by introducing new messaging app channels like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and our own secure messaging channel for communicating into mobile apps and websites.

The rule of 3

1. Use what you build

We always start with flexible, programmable messaging API’s then build great solutions that are easy to use and help achieve our customers’ objectives. All our solution use the same APIs that our customers and partners have access to. That ensures that when you get access to new APIs, you know they have been built to deliver on real use cases that drive value.
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2. Solve problems

Our solutions for SMS have helped global organisations send and receive billions of messages all over the world for marketing and operational communications. However, the world of messaging has changed and so have we. Comapi’s solutions have become even more aligned with solving customers’ needs, increasing the focus on driving real-time conversations across any messaging platform, making sure customers receive and respond to messaging they need and value.

3. People

Comapi is not just a technology platform, we are a team of dedicated people obsessed with helping you get the most out of communicating to your customers. From our developers, who build our services and write our docs; to our managed services team, who act as extensions to our customers teams; we strive to provide our customers with the best service.
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The future

Today it’s about being awesome at messaging; tomorrow the awesomeness will extend to other application based communication channels, like video and voice. We will continue to invest in making integrations easy and have a full roadmap of future messaging channels, as well as plug and play integrations for Bot/AI, Desk and payment solutions.

Experience COMAPI!

Welcome to the Comapi “Experience It” programme. The programme is built to demonstrate Comapi’s messaging channels and services in a ‘real-time’ setting. Our friendly Comapi-Bot (M0rsy) will guide you through each part of the ‘Experience It’ programme. You will learn about and experience SMS, Notifications (web & native), In-App Inbox, App Messaging, 2-Factor Verification and messaging into Facebook Messenger. We will be using our APIs, chat tools and user interface to interact with you throughout the programme. We hope this helps you understand how you can use our services.

Contact us

As you can see, we are happy to talk, so give us a shout if you have any questions. If you want to chat to us and you’re offline, text to +447860034444 and we can chat via SMS.