Meet “Comapi”

Comapi is a secure enterprise cloud communications platform specialising in messaging. Comapi provides programmable messaging APIs to send messages from your systems or applications. You can send to any messaging or notification channel like SMS, Facebook Messenger, in-app messaging or push notifications. To enable business to use the messaging channels without integrations, Comapi provides a portfolio of powerful live chat, conversational commerce and broadcasting tools to help you engage your audience. We call it ’Universal Messaging’!



Send and receive SMS via our global network. With local options for over 156 countries, advanced scaling technology and direct connections - you can send with confidence.

App Messaging

Integrate secure messaging into any mobile app or website. Chat to your customers, turn conversations into commerce by owning their online and mobile experience.


Send messages to the world’s favourite messaging application. Configure in Branch and use the “One” API, or tools, to start sending immediately.


A Plug and Play inbox to send push notifications and rich HTML content into your app or website. Replace or replicate your email programmes without any need to change content or design.


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“One API”

The only multichannel messaging API you will need

Send messages using the Comapi “One” API to any messaging channel from one flexible REST interface. Use the content JSON object to define any channel specific content you want to send.

  "body": "Sending SMS is easy with Comapi",
  "to": {
    "phoneNumber": "447123123123"
  "channelOptions": {
    "sms": {
        "from": "Comapi"
  "rules": [ "sms" ]

Experience COMAPI!

Welcome to the Comapi “Experience It” programme. The programme is built to demonstrate Comapi’s messaging channels and services in a ‘real-time’ setting. Our friendly Comapi-Bot (M0rsy) will guide you through each part of the ‘Experience It’ programme. You will learn about and experience SMS, Notifications (web & native), In-App Inbox, App Messaging, 2-Factor Verification and messaging into Facebook Messenger. We will be using our APIs, chat tools and user interface to interact with you throughout the programme. We hope this helps you understand how you can use our services.

Making your life easier

Messaging may seem daunting with so many different options. Everybody wants to message their customers through Facebook, WhatsApp, Viber, SMS or their own app. We show you how to make it simple.

Simple Integrations

Our multichannel APIs are easy & flexible. With over 10,000 customer integrations we have the knowledge and experience to can help you understand the best options to use. Everybody is different.

Managed Services

Sometimes you just don’t have the resources or the internal knowledge to get up & running. We have a highly experienced managed services team who will work with you, in collaboration, to help you achieve your vision. We are an extension to your team.

Easier life

Easy to use tools

If you are not ready to do a full integration, or and need an off-the-shelf application for messaging or live chat software, we have a range of tools that you can use. Don’t worry we will train you and get you up to speed.

Getting your customers to trust you

Messaging is direct and personal - that’s why its engagement and read rates are so high. But “with great power comes great responsibility“* - let us help you understand what works and what doesn’t.
* thanks Stan Lee and Spiderman ;)

COMAPI Use Cases

Communications that are Secure for Everyone

Security is now paramount for communications between an enterprise and its customers. Consumers’ mistrust of non-secure communication channels is at an all-time high, as is the threat of email spam. Phishing continues to rise. Companies must invest in communications services that drive confidence and trust with their consumers. Here is how we help.


Mobile identity is key. You need to make sure your customers feel secure and that you collect the right data. Use Verify for 2-factor SMS verification



Make sure all your communications are protected on your systems and within your customer apps, we use storage level encryption and all connections are secured over 2048bit TLS



Within app messaging you can issue your own auth token or use any OAuth provider, ensuring you and your users are protected. We always recommend using OAuth


Private dedicated networks

If you need complete piece of mind we can provision a dedicated instance of our architecture, physically separating it from our multi-tenant architecture. You are then in absolute control of your communications network

To demonstrate our absolute commitment to providing the best standard of service and security, we are proud to be one of an elite group of providers who are ISO 27001 and ISO 9001 compliant

Data is everything

Comapi provides a global phone number validation service using HLR (home look up location register). Take advantage of signalling handsets directly to gain live information on device status, network registration and other network based properties. Use validation to clean your database or make sure that the number you are trying to send a message to is available. Access through APIs or manual uploads to get bulk responses


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